कृष्ण जन्म


आज आई हैं फिर से वही पावन बेला,

जिसके बाद से ना पाया किसी गोपी ने खुद को अकेला ।

ये वही पल है ,जब हुआ था महान श्री कृष्ण का जन्म,

जिनकी एक झलक पर ही सब गवा बैठे अपना दिल और उन्हें मान लिया अपना सनम ।

सबको मोहने की क्षमता रखते है सिर्फ मेरे मुरारी,

जिनकी हर एक अदा हैं अति प्यारी ।

माखन चुराना था इनका काम और ये माहिर थे करने में रासलीला,

अनेक ढंग थे प्रेम के इनके,एक था राधा का तो दूजा था मीरा ।

अलग ही मज़ा है सुनने में इनको अठखेलियां,

शरारतो के बाद, मइयाँ से बुझाते थे अजीब पहेलियां ।

आज के दिन की कितनी भी मनाऊ खुशी,है कम

क्या कमी थी जो द्वापर में ना लिया मैंने जन्म, बस इसी बात का हैं ग़म ।





Done many mistakes in my life,
Among them, you were favourite of mine.
Have to accept you as a regret, never imagined
You came into my life ,this must be the result of my sins.
I crossed all my limits for that one person,
who has pushed me into hell and made his curse on.
My breath was paused for a moment when I became to know about another bitch,
And was unable to revive me, in a second became poor from rich.
Still waiting for the guy who has never cared for me,
He never knew my worth, what a pity.
Hope so, you will ever feel the emptiness in her love,
Comprehend the power of my warmth and trust me like a dove.
Still wish to be your wife after years,
For the future of our children, let’s give a cheers.
I know dreaming of you is mere madness,
But atleast for a while, it removes my sadness.
How could people change entirely,
I want to know all in your heart wisely.




 In the dark chilling night,
With the boundless moon light .
I was sitting in the park near the jungle, witty
Miles away from human vanity.
Surrounded by the trees,
In the cool breeze.
In the invaluable silence,
Miles away from human violence.
As for a walk, I got up and moved,
As I reach near the pond, there I stood.
A scene that my eyes were eagerly waiting for,
I saw a large family of deers quenching their thirst.
They came in the darkness just to avoid the human blues ,
The beauty of the picture is hard to define,
But really, It was the best memory of mine.
Their eyes which were shining like gold,
Was something i behold.
Drinking and raising their head in beautitude,
I was just lost alone in solitude.
It seems that the stars were for them in the sky,
In front of that beauty, a diamond would shy.
Later , when I came back to my senses
I was looking at the moon and requesting him not to go
If only for two days that scene could be mine,
Then a two days life would also be fine.


People have so many expectations,
Always make future estimations.

Dream of more than their capabilities,
But never limit our abilities.
Born to break the boundaries,
Against the behaviour of scoundary.
Dreams are always very high,
Not fulfilling them,never brings sigh.
Our spirits are so ambitious,
With our talent,want to make the country glorious.
Sometimes,we suffer from confusion,
Which causes alot of irritation.
Clean and holy is our vision,
Next to impossible is our mission.
Hardwork and perseverence is our key,
To unlock all paths and through the world we see .


कलयुग का रावण बन , किया इसने सबको बर्बाद ,
निम्न जाति को में पैदा होने वाले हो रहे आबाद ।
आया ऐसा कलयुग , जहा खुद को नीचा कहने में लोग सम्मान महसूस करते है,
बिना मेहनत , बैठ के खाने को इनाम माना करते हैं ।
वोट बैंक के खातिर फैलाया ये जाल,
निगल रहा है उन प्रतिभाओं को
जिन्होंने सीखा है मेहनत से ही सब कुछ पाना,
एक सपने के लिए जिन्हें पड़ता है पूरा जीवन गवाना ।
आरक्षण का जातीय आधार बिलकुल बेबुनियाद है ,
ऊँचे कुल में जन्म लेना क्या कोई अपराध हैं ?
अगर सच में चाहते हो दलितों का भला ,
तो क्यों नहीं बदलते प्राथमिक शिक्षा का स्वरुप
क्या प्रतिभाओ को मार देने से बदल जाएगा देश का स्वरूप ?
आर्थिक आरक्षण से सबका भला हैं ,
जातीय आरक्षण देश को नर्क में ले चला है।


I was your dark night,
I understand you have to make the night go.
I was your nightmare,
I comprehend,you have to wake up.
I pray your happiness perpetuates,
and no one like me in your life situates.
I still have expectations,
and make our love estimations.
I don’t know why I can’t move on,
But I have to believe that you are gone.
I will go far away,for your sake,
Everyone in this world is so fake.
For making love with you,I won’t ever regret,
Don’t worry,be with anyone,it would be our secret.
It’s too hard to imagine you with someone else,
From all the girls,who talk to you,I still feel jealous.
The day you are gone,my life is paused,
From trying to get you back ,I am quiet exhaust.
I am all your’s and your’s till the exist of my life,
I will always be your unmarried wife.
You could come to me till the end,
In front of you,i will always bend.
You won’t ever get someone so loyal,
I hope,you would regret for making my life spoil.
I will wait for you till the dooms day,
The moment you come to me,I will be happy and gay.